Common SCO™ Questions and Answers


Q.   I’ve heard there is a clone, is that true? 

            A.  No That is not true.  We have a letter from Viagen dated at the beginning of the bankruptcy that there was never a clone produced.  From that time on all,  SMART CHIC OLENA™ management, cloning rights, breeding decisions, etc….  have been controlled by either us or the bankruptcy trustee.  In fact, although we actually owned and had transfer papers setting at AQHA during the bankruptcy prior to the finalization, we where unable to do anything involving SCO™ without first clearance from the trustee.  The trustee never authorized a clone and we have not cloned him.  Many people confuse him with his sire, Smart Little Lena who has been cloned.


Q.   We purchased a breeding from bankruptcy and where unable to get a mare in foal or lost the foal,   Can we get some more semen from you?

         A.   We are sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you, however, one of the clearly stated risk during bankruptcy was that there was no live foal guarantee as that purchase was "as is, where is" with right to rebreed, guarantees, along with no rights to SMART CHIC OLENA™ or any representation there of as listed in both bill of sale received at time of purchase and SMART CHIC OLENA™ common question and answer statement that was required to review prior to purchase of semen from bankruptcy trustee.  We offer a live foal guarantee to breeding we have sold but not to those purchased from bankruptcy trustee.  We do not offer semen doses for sale, only breeding,  which we have now moved  almost exclusively to ICSI excepts for frozen breeding to very select producing mares.  If you are interested in breeding to SMART CHIC OLENA™, please contact Sean at Sterling ranch, as they are the only authorized agent for SMART CHIC OLENA™ .


Q.  How does Sterling Ranch hold exclusive representation to SMART CHIC OLENA™?  We where on the internet or heard someone else represents SMART CHIC OLENA™ because they said they have some semen.

         A.  We are sorry for the misunderstanding, but there is a lot of false information on the internet.  If someone purchased a breeding in the bankruptcy.  That is all they purchased- a breeding.  This was quite clearly stated in both bill of sale recieved at time of purchase from the bankruptcy trustee and the question and answer statement which was required to read and signed off of by accepting bill of sale. The Bill of sale and question and answer statement made it quite clear that purchase was "as is, where is" with no rights to guarantees, representation, etc..  It is no different than if you purchase a breeding to any other stallion without a live foal or rebreed guarantee.  Smokin Gun Performance horses and Sterling Ranch are the only ranches or individuals authorized to use his name, likeness, photos, etc.   These are protected property rights and were purchased by us -  either through the bankruptcy, the purchase of SMART CHIC OLENA™  or in case of photos and other media,  the rights from the individuals that they belong too.  ANY use of this material without written consent from Smokin Gun Performance Horses, is in fact using stolen  material and risks both criminal charges and monetary damages.  However, the saddest part is that they continue unethical practices that plagued this phenomenal horse while he was still alive and that hurts everyone involved. 


Q.  We are a NRHA, NRCHA, youth organization etc.,   How do we get a donation to SMART CHIC OLENA™?

        A.  Please contact Sean at Sterling Ranch or Smokin Gun Performance Horses to discuss a donation regarding SCO™.


Q.  We are an organization that got a breeding donated to us.  Can we use this?

        A.   You are able to use the breeding but would need to contact us at Smokin Gun Performance horses if you would like to use his images, name, likeness etc on any promotional material, since this is protected property.  Organizations risk using stolen material and could face possible criminal and financial damages, but most of all, it is unethical. Donations are  for a good cause and we support this.  It is better for everyone, if  we can prevent organizations from using unethical obtained material to support their cause.  We believe in donations and give many ourselves, we will likely give you authorizations.  We can provide high resolution images for your flyers, etc. and depending on organization may even help promote it.   


Q.  We purchased a breeding and was able to get a foal but have left over semen. What does it cost to breed and register the foal using semen we have? 

        A.  Please contact us, most often we will sell you a discounted breeding fee to allow you to register a foal.   If you are not wanting another breeding,  we may offer to purchase the remaining semen back from you.   Please contact me, Trevor Bond at Smokin Gun Performance horses. I will need to  certify against the bankruptcy records and with the business storing semen that this is actual semen from SMART CHIC OLENA™.  If the Semen has ever been privately stored, it will be difficulty to help you out since we cannot ensure that it is semen from SCO™.  


For further Breeding questions, please Contact Sean at Sterling Ranch or


For further bankruptcy questions or use of SMART CHIC OLENA™ name, images, likeness, SMART CHIC OLENA preserving the legacy™, SCO Legacy™ or similar marketing phrases or questions, etc.,  Please contact us at or